Decisive Farming CurlingTown Presented by Crescent Point Energy Wrap-Up!

We have just wrapped up our 5th edition of our Decisive Farming Curlingtown presented by Crescent Point Energy.  It could not have gone better and it is truly exciting to bring the game to more and more kids throughout the prairies!

We started the tour off in Livelong before Christmas on December 20 and what a start it was, we had almost more kids than we could fit into the small three sheet Curling rink. After the Christmas break, we were on the road again for January 20 in Whitewood and then the grand prize winner in Virden on January 21.  We finished the tour off last week with stops in Humboldt on February 8 (home rink of Dallan and Kirk) and Cudworth on February 9.

What an amazing experience this is for the team. We seem to continue to grow the number of kids that come out to each event and the communities rally around the event like crazy.  The local media always seems to be present and kids that are very experienced, to no experience show up... it is great to teach all skill levels and have some fun and help the kids with technique, confidence and respect.

We are astonished at the respect that the kids have, when we show up. Every stop is filled with respectful, fun individuals and we could not be more thankful to the communities and families for such great kids.  We work hard to show them how fun Curling can be and preach the importance of finding something you love and working hard to achieve your goals and enjoy the journey along the way

We have exposed the game and the importance of work-ethic, confidence and finding what you love to about 1000 kids in our time with the tour, we are so happy we have this opportunity and would like to thank our name sponsors, Decisive Farming and Crescent Point Energy for supporting Curlingtown since we started and believing in us and what we are trying to achieve within the sport and the youth of the game.  We also would like to thank the supporting sponsors of the event, Seed Hawk, SaskCanola, Yorkton Hyundai and Norstar Industries! Thanks to the communities, organizers, sponsors and media for another successful Curlingtown tour!


Kirk Muyres FEB2017

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