Crescent Point presents: Dallan's Passion for Continous Knowledge & Team Work?

My curling career is certainly a priority for me; however, I have a busy schedule away from the ice as well. My passion for creativity and design shines through in my career as a Mechanical Engineering Technologist at the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC). I am also the co-owner of a small design and fabrication company that specializes in technology products for sport. You guessed it… mostly specializing in curling technology devices! What may not be obvious is how I also utilize my passion for designing and prototyping in my curling career.

I started at SRC in March 2008. My day job involves a lot of hands-on work in SRC’s Development Engineering and Manufacturing laboratory where I build and design technical devices used by a variety of clients in numerous industries across Saskatchewan and around the world. Much of my time is spent designing and prototyping solutions for clients who work in mining, oil and gas, and environmental sectors. Lately I have taken on more responsibility working closely with summer students and temporary employees to ensure projects are completed in a timely manner, and up to the quality standards that SRC is known for.

"I have always been a bit of a technology-designer geek. If there was a project in grade school that was clearly a cardboard and paper mache type situation, I always went to the next level of Lego’s/gears/batteries/motors."

MPW Technical Solutions is a business I am part owner of. This business really spawned from a hobby to a niche market opportunity. We began by developing an instrumentation curling brush. The core of the idea was to measure how much force a player can put on the brush, and gather that data wirelessly for analysis. We continued dabbling in various curling technology devices, and last year came out with our SweepKEEP time clock product. The time clocks are now being used by CurlSask and the Grand Slam of Curling to keep track of playing time during curling competitions.

Curling, at the pinnacle of the sport, gives me the opportunity to exercise creative thinking. Many situations on the ice trigger my mind to question if our methods can be optimized? Can we implement a piece of technology to assist in reducing variances? Can we measure a curling delivery? For example, this summer I created an instrumented curling hack. The fabricated curling hack measures force produced by the athlete’s foot when pushing out for a delivery.  Currently, I am working on a device to measure the speed and rotation of a rock once it’s delivered from an athlete’s hand. I believe the experiences with my curling team transfer to better working relationships with my business teams. My ability to handle pressure on the ice translates to my work when meeting deadlines or managing client expectations.

I have several teams that all require hard work and dedication: an eight-person SRC team, a two-person MPW Tech team, a four-person elite curling team, and I can’t leave out my two-person team (including a cute Boston Terrier) at home! Love you Renee.


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