Hello Everyone!

What a season it has been! Wow. We cannot thank everyone enough for the support we have received over the last few months.  We were able to reach our goal of climbing into the top 5 teams in the World, we managed to capture a Bronze medal at the Brier and were able to play in 6 event finals this year.  On the ice we have had an amazing season and could not have done it without our families, friends, fans and our amazing sponsors.  

Our off-ice engagements have been wonderful this year as well.  The Decisive Farming CurlingVille presented by Crescent Point Energy exploded this year and we are to the point that we can hardly support the amount of kids coming out to enjoy the day and learn about the game.  The media has taken a shine to this tour as well and we see numerous media in each stop along the way throughout the province, where all our sponsors receive recognition.  Thank you to everyone who made that possible.

Our success on the ice has bred a significant portion of dollars donated to KidSport Saskatchewan on behalf of Crescent Point Energy.  Along with Crescent Point Energy, we were able to raise $19,729 for KidSport this season, making a career total of nearly $40,000!!!  Thank you to Crescent Point Energy for helping kids across Saskatchewan get to chase their dreams; just like we can.

We will be taking a few weeks off, before getting back into the planning and training phase of our off-season.  The season is a quick turnaround as we will be back on the ice at the beginning of September for the first of seven Grand Slams on Sportsnet! The increased exposure for the game is overwhelming thanks to what Sportsnet is doing and we hope to keep growing our sponsors and our own brand through this great push in our sport. 

Thank you for the continued support, and stay tuned in over the summer for updates as we plan the 2015-2016 season!

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