As most of you have probably heard, we are now back-to-back provincial champions and heading to the Tim Horton’s Brier at the Saddledome in Calgary from February 28-March 8! What a wild provincial we had and we are now among only 5 teams in history to go back to back in Saskatchewan Tankards; among the likes of Ernie Richardson, Bob Pickering, Rick Folk and Pat Simmons. With only 5 teams to accomplish this feat it shows the depth of Curling in this province and how difficult it is to play good enough to trudge through the Tankard.

We finished the event with a 7-1 record and had to work for every inch until the last rock settled. No team gave us a free pass last week and we expected nothing less against the top teams in Saskatchewan. We had a target on our back and guys were taking shots! We battled through the B-Event with a win against Jacobson on Saturday morning, then played a rematch of the A-final against Hartung in the 1-2 page playoff for a trip to the final. We played magnificent and were able to book our ticket to the final.

In the final, we ran into a red hot Jason Jacobson squad, with third Dustin Kalthoff from Fulda. Kirk and Dallan played with and against Dustin all the while growing up in nearby St. Gregor. This team played upwards of 90% all game and we had to hang on the whole way. We put our heads down and kept telling ourselves to just stay within striking distance; and that’s exactly what we did. We played a near flawless 10th end to set up the deuce after starting the end down 7-6 with hammer. We left Jason a tough double to send us to the extra, but missed it by about a quarter of an inch, leaving Steve a draw the eight foot. The shot was executed to perfection and we laid it on the button for another provincial championship!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters; family, friends and sponsors. The support we have received not only the last week but the last 3 years is more than anyone could ever ask for; thank you to all!

If you are in or around Calgary on February 28 – March 8, we look forward to seeing you at the Saddledome for the best curling in the world! We are looking to prepare fully in the next couple weeks, follow our processes that have been working so well all season and give ourselves a chance to end the 35 year brier championship drought for Saskatchewan!

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