The plan to live stream our games was conceived during a mid-summer training meeting. It was noted that it would be great if our team's integrated support team (coaches, consultants, family) could watch our games in order to either praise or critique our performances on the ice. A lot of the time, suggestions are based on watching some TV games or some practice time. It was believed if the sample size got larger that would help with performance enhancing suggestions.

It evolved into a idea that our sponsors would also have increased access to the public, increasing the value of their sponsorship in Team Laycock. As the technology leader of the team, Dallan set out to explore the world of live streaming video. To his surprise, it appeared to be much easier than first expected. It so has it that live streaming providers and technology has evolved rapidly over the last year or so. May streaming hosts provide different levels of service. We settled upon for several reasons and are planning on streaming all of our games this season for viewers to enjoy. Whether that means dropping in to see the final few shots of the game from your mobile phone, or pitting in at home with your iPad or Nexus 7 hooked up to your flatscreen TV, we hope that we provide you some good entertainment.

We implemented the first streaming event in Edmonton Sept 11th-14th. The followers and viewership of the stream grew very quickly. Word spread that we were streaming our games and viewers steadily increased over the weekend as we made our way to the final. It was also noted during the event by a few followers that player microphones would greatly enhance the viewer experience. Your wish is our command. We will have microphones on ice for the next event in Saskatoon at the Point Optical Charity Classic Sept 26-29 and for the rest of the year. Another note by followers is that during the games you can actually watch several other sheets beside us due to the camera's aspect ratio and zoom capabilities. Tune in and maybe see your second favorite team in action!

You can view the stream and archive video at: We also tweet our game times: @teamlaycock. The easiest way to remember where to go is via our website: and clicking the 'Game Video' tab on the left side of the screen.


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