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This update is focusing on our second half of the season and what could be said to be “play-offs”! Playdown season is always one of the most exciting times for Curling and competitors of the sport. One of the biggest events in Curling is up for grabs; the Brier!

We have worked all season in hopes of peaking for provincials (Tankard) which are slated for Jan 29-Feb 3, in Melfort at the Northern Lights Palace. We have pre-qualified for this event as we are the #1 team in Saskatchewan on the Canadian Ranking System. If you are in the area, be sure to come down and check out the action. The Tankard always brings out the most intense and exciting curling action as the teams are vying for the chance to represent Saskatchewan at the Brier in Edmonton!

We have a great preparation event that is slated for Jan 23-27 in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia. We are playing in the third Grand Slam of the season, The National. This is a perfect event for us, as we get to play the best teams in the world on the best ice in the world. We will have to come out firing and it will get us ready for the following weekend in Melfort!

Our pool is a heavy one, as we will face off against Kevin Martin (2010 Olympic Champion), Kevin Koe (2010 World Champion), Brad Gushue (2006 Olympic Champion), Thomas Ulsrud (2010 Olympic Silver Medalist) and Rob Rumfeldt. We have set ourselves up with a good solid couple weeks of practice; we will be in the hunt at this event. Follow all of the action on Sportsnet as they are televising 7 or 8 draws throughout the weekend!

One advantage our team will have over all the other teams at provincials is that the same ice-maker is making ice for provincials as well as the Grand Slam. We are the only team that will have played on the hard-swinging, quick ice that he makes, and we will be the ones that are most prepared on it.

Thank you all!

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