Broom Goes The Dynamite v2


As we woke up to a nice sprinkle of snow up in the higher elevation of Kamloops, we sat around the table at breakfast and reflected on the past two days. Two wins, one loss, one Ford Hot Shots 2 year lease (Kirk), and one Ford Mustang HotWheels (Matty, 5th man Olympics). Pretty good two days we said to one another.  We noted how we are seeing the shape of the ice well, feeling healthy, and team morale is high. 


Quick Game Recaps 

NWT/YK- We controllled most of the game to our style of play. There were a few ends that were shaping up as trouble for Team Sask, but we survived and snuck out the win.

QUE - This was a battle of a game. Coming off a win the evening before and playing well, we had a few opportunities to limit Quebec's points but couldn't execute perfectly. This game went down as a tic in the loss column.

N ONT - This being our third game in a row, we had to rely on our fitness preparations and core curling skills to battle through this game. We kept off fatigue and settled for a close game with us coming out  as victors.


An article on Kirk's HotShots win can be seen here:


Looking forward to today, we battle at 1:30 (3:30 SK) against the 0-3 Nova Scotia team. Dallan, Kirk, and Lyle will be attending the Up Close and Personal session after the Nova Scotia game in the Purple Heart Lounge.


Tomorrow we start the day off against Newfoundland at 8:30am, and finish the day against Alberta at 6:30pm. 


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