We are ramping up again for another busy, enjoyable and competitive season. We are in the final season to muster enough points to get into the Olympic Trials for 2018.  This is the first step on our trek to be Olympic Champs.  So what exactly does our off-season grind look like to help propel us into those trials come December 2017?

We started our short off-season in May as we played our season up until May 1.  So that leaves 4 short months before September hits and we need to be recovered and in better shape than ever to excel to our next level.  We took three weeks in May to recovery the body and the mind through light weight and mobility training.  From that point we took a three week "break" from formal physical, mental, technical, emotional, and team training. This was a must to ensure we do not burn out and fatigue!

From there we put together a full and well thought out "year plan" to help us focus on our gaps we need to close and prepare us for the long season ahead -- we took a significant amount of time in a room with the team and support staff hashing out and turning over every single element of our performance to find the next layer and next focus points that will lead us to the top. We searched for our strengths and our ways of doing things to propel us to the top this season.  

From that point on it has been as simple as setting daily goals to have very deliberate focus on our areas for improvement.  We have set out specific plans for each gap with our appropriate trainer, whether that is physical, mental, technical or strategical, we set out specific actionable items to close these gaps.

We spend about 3-4 hours/day working on these focus points, with our teammates and coaches and having deliberate focus ideas for each task we do.  We believe we have put together one of the most comprehensive training plan Curling has ever seen and we know we are putting in the maximum amount of effort, focus and dedication to achieve our goals in each and every area.  

Doing all this, we know will give us the best chance at success this coming season, although no guarantees exist, we know we gave ourselves the best chance this off-season.  This off-season plan transitions nicely into in-season as well, where we take the work we have done and slowly maneuver that into on ice play! 

Thanks for cheering us on, it will be a fun ride in 2016-2017

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